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Below is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from our users

What is the purpose of the Avail Calendar?
The Avail Calendar is designed for villa owners, guest house and B&Bís managers and apartments. The calendar displays current availability indicating which dates are taken and which dates are still available. All information you add to your Avail Calendar will be automatically updated across all websites that display your calendar, in real-time, as you update your availability.
Where can I use the Avail Calendar?
Your calendar can be linked to any other website that has your villa or guest house, allowing you to share your availability with potential guests on several different internet sites. Your availability is stored on the Avail central computer. From here, it can be queried on any site you designate. We will only share the information with your chosen sites.
Will the other accommodation websites that I advertise on display the Avail Calendar for my establishment?
We will send a few lines of code which the other travel web sites can use to embed your calendar within a page on their site. We know you're busy and that you advertise with more than one site, so we are forming partnerships with many other popular websites to ensure that your clients can view your availability on all sites.
Will we notify you of online bookings?
Yes, you will receive an email with a link which will take you directly to the full details of the booking in a secure section of our website.
What do I do if I am unable to process credit card payments?
If you do not have a merchant account number we can process credit card payments on your behalf for a small handling fee - we will then make payment using banking details you will provide.
Do I have to be online all the time?
No. Only when updating your availability calendar when you have received a new booking. Note that bookings made using the Avail Calendar will require no update on your part as they will be automatically reflected in your calendar.
Will people be able to see all my bookings?
You can choose if guests viewing the Avail Calendar online will only be able to query availability for specific dates or view the full years availability. See how it works on the demo page.
Can I customise my calendar to suit my website?
You can specify all criteria defining the calendars representation including colour, fonts and styles and make these specific to each website advertising your establishment. See how it works on the demo page.
What does it cost?
Its FREE provided you agree to our terms of service.

There is no long contract to sign and no installation or monthly fees. A link back to www.avail.co.za is always appreciated. Click here to see how to do this.
What about support?
If you have questions follow the online instructions whenever you create or edit your calendar. There is a comprehensive tutorial available in the calendar update section of the website. You can always contact us on support@avail.co.za
Can I have Calendars for more than one establishment?
Yes. You will create a user account registering one property initially, but as soon as your account has been activated you can login to the website update section and add as many properties as you like. These can all be managed from the same place, using one e-mail address and password.
What happens if I forget to update my Calendar?
If you do not update your calendar for 6 months your account will be deactivated. Once you are registered and logged in to the update section you will be able to schedule e-mail reminders. This scheduling can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to remind you to update your availability on your Calendar.
If I have a provisional booking with no deposit received yet, should I mark the dates as fully booked?
No, to cater for this scenario we have introduced a pending cell for the calendar. We don't recommend marking the dates as fully booked unless you have received a deposit or full payment for the dates in question. If you mark the dates as fully booked you may lose the opportunity to book those dates with someone else - and you will lose out if the original 'provisional' booking does not pay the deposit.
I am currently using a different reservation system to manage my establishment. How do I avoid multiple points of update?
We strive to make a plan for all our customers. We have an API which allows updates conforming to the standards specified by the Open Travel Alliance. Most software out there allows scheduled updated using these standards and can be set up to automatically update your availability calendar online. Contact support@avail.co.za to get one of our qualified personnel to help you facilitate this.
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