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The AVAIL availability and checkout calendar

  The availability calendar  

The availability calendar consists of the inputs and button below.

It allows a client to specify their basic travelling needs and checking out will show them if what they need is available, as well as the rate to book for that period. Give it a try!

  How does this help me?  

Using the AVAIL checkout and availability calendar means people can book your property online. If, after they checkout, the property is available the client will be given the option to book the property.

The booking process

After clicking "book now", the client can fill out their contact and credit card details. Once this has been done successfully and they have agreed to your property-specific booking and cancellation procedures they can complete the booking by clicking the form button. At this point an email will be sent to you notifying you of a new booking - a mail will also be sent to the client saying that a provisional booking has been made and they must wait for either a confirmation or rejection from you.

The confirmation or rejection takes place on the AVAIL backend and will notify the client appropriately.

  What does it cost?  

The costs is R20 per confirmed booking.


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