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The AVAIL availability calendar

  The availability calendar  

The availability calendar consists of only the button below.

Clicking on "check availabity" will bring up a calendar (try it) showing the availability of your property.

  How does this help me?  

Using AVAIL as an availability calendar means being able to have a button just like above on your website which shows your specific property's availability.


Clients or agents can check your availability online (i.e. No email or phonecalls for you to answer)

Given 2 equally appealing accommodation options a client will take the one they can "see" is available


Does not mimic the entire booking process - just bypasses the first step

  What does it cost?  

The calendar is currently absolutely FREE for the first 1000 users which sign up

  How do we track clicks  

The calendar uses AJAX, the latest in scripting technology - when it is clicked our server is notified and the "address" of the client is noted.

We can send you through a list of visitor "addresses" that clicked your calendar in a given month and you can match this up against your web site statistics (a service all major web hosts provide).

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